Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Bottle Shop Pop-Up 3rd January

It may be a new year but we're still promising you our first Saturday of the month pop up bar at the Bottle Shop this coming weekend. Please don't be making any resolutions that'll stop you from a) having great beer and b) having beer-baked carrot cake. Yes you heard us right, THERE WILL BE CAKE!

This time around, Gregg and Natasha will be seeing to your beery needs upstairs. As always, there's plenty of beer by yours truly on our bar as well as the Bottle Shop team's downstairs. We will be serving K*ntish Town Beard, Sorachi Faceplant and the ludicrously tasty, The Hanging Bat collaboration brew: Rye Smile.

Read more about the tap-list from our "what's on the bar?" blog.

We will also have some t-shirts for sale at £15 and limited stock of our beautifully branded glassware at £3. The holidays may be coming to an end but we sure don't want you feeling blue about it.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Winter Open Days Round-Up

10 days ago, we officially opened the doors of our brewery, inviting people to come see the Weird Beard setup and drink our beers on the grounds where they are made. This had been long overdue since we've been based in Hanwell from the start, almost 2 years running. At the same time, the idea of getting people to venture here, off the beaten track of Craft Beer in London, seemed like a stretch. With Christmas around the corner and an otherwise uneventful weekend in the diary, we decided to do it and boy are we glad we did!

On the Friday, Gregg rigged up the shutter to the Boston Business Park warehouse where we've hidden ourselves and on the dot of opening friends, beer geeks and beer enthusiasts poured into the brewery. On the Sunday we expected a quieter affair; instead the brewery was full to the brim with locals, CAMRA members and tradespeople, as well as a similarly wonderful crowd to the previous day. Bryan, the brewer in that night, and the rest of our team were relentless in efforts to keep the beer pouring for those who eagerly and repeatedly queued into the road outside. Seriously though, thank you for bearing with us if you did. We're still amazed at the turn out and flattered by the feedback and reviews for both Friday and Sunday. Indeed, we've been asked when are our next Open Days and we promise they'll be a regular fixture in the new year.

If you missed out on it all: the beers (bottle, draft or truffle form), chatting with the brewers, seeing our newly expanded kit and partaking in the fun pay more attention here next time! At least we have some snaps (some ours and some from attendees) for you that capture the vibe of the events. Sadly these photos do not capture, if we can say so ourselves, the epic punk or rock'n'roll playlists we had on and the magnanimous enjoyment shared. Particularly with more locals stopping down on the Sunday, we deemed the event a success in community-building. We also managed to raise over £200 in Charity Pours and donations for Alice's Youth Music Memorial Fund. For who anyone remotely knows us, we value music as much as we value great beer. Knowing our Open Days and brewery's taproom debut could contribute to a project that brings music to young people, is an added perk to what was an amazing time.

Many thanks to all those who helped spread the word, those who trekked over to us, came and drank, came and danced and to everyone who added to the fun. Here's to very happy holidays!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Weird Beard Winter Open Days

As the holidays are fast approaching, we here at Weird Beard Brew Co wanted to throw a little party since it is the season for it. Nothing fancy since we're just a couple of brewers but the brewery doors will be open to the public and beer will be flowing from the taps on the afternoons of the 12th and 14th December.

This is our first official take on Open Days so we are very excited for the events. With a choice of two days to make it over, there is plenty of opportunity to come on down. Do come meet and greet both the brewers and the team, ogle at our new fermentation vessels, sample some of our brews and be craft beer merry! We will have draught and bottled beer for sale, with 50p of all draught sales going towards the Youth Music Memorial Fund for Alice Gross. We hope these events not only give people an opportunity to see where we work and what we do, but to also better establish us and all that is craft beer within our local community.

There will be food and there will be beer to be bought and consumed on site. We have ordered the most delicious, home-made Scotch eggs and sausage rolls from Pig & Hay including veggie options for the occasion. Even if we look forward to drinking with you for the entire afternoon, we will have bottles available for take-away purchases. Watch this space for updates on the beer line-up, no doubt we have some new and limited brews reserved for the dates!

Stumped for Christmas presents? We'll have a selection of merchandise including t-shirts, hoodies, glassware and gift-packs available for sale. Oh, and we're pretty into our music here so expect decent tunes and generally an awesome time to be had all round.